Don’t Ask For Permission, or Else!

August 12, 2013 in fontmaker haters, jamesarboghast

It was a normal day at the office and my team was working hard like they always do.  They had a few mistakes because the name of font they used was similar to site they were working on. They suggested changing the name of the font in the local machine just so they could find it and know for certain it was the font used on the site they were working overtime on.  I said that the font has certain rights and in most cases you need to get permission to change it at all.   The team suggested that this font would never be distributed outside the development PC and the font maker would never know nor would cause him any harm.  ”No harm no foul” suggested one of them.  ”Nothing doing” I said.   I looked up the font and during my very busy schedule, I wrote a quick email explaining we wanted to change the name of his font for internal purposes only and that I was asking permission to do so.   My email is as follows:

“Hello, I wanted to ask your permission to change the name of the font BUT only in my PC install. Not to redistribute.
I alter it slightly for a logo for a company I own and I keep getting artists confused when they look for the font on my machine.
My company name is ‘BigRocket’ so they are named closely.  I will not distribute with the new name but wanted your permission first.”

Well, in my haste I made an awful mistake.  Apparently this font maker must be related to the queen or had discovered a cure for cancer, because he blasted me for not addressing him by his name and began to lecture me on copyright.  How could he have known that I am a copyright expert?   He could not have known that I lecture about copyright law, and have testified before congress, written amicus briefs for the United States Supreme Court and lectured at Harvard and many other Universities about copyright law?   How could he have known that I have personally negotiated billions in deals for copyright works from major film makers, song writers and various other artists?  He couldn’t have! So, he lectured me like the asshole he is that opens his mouth before knowing the shot.   He could have simply responded with “NO” and I would have moved on and not altered any of his property.    However, this was font maker James Arboghast’s response.


“Try addressing the person you’re speaking to in an email by their name.

Second, the license terms and conditions supplied with my font (I assume you’re talking about Big Noodle) specifically prohibit users from creating derivative works, ie: modified versions of the font.

You have done just that, created a derivative work from my product and design, and therefor you are in breach of the font’s license terms and conditions.

I don’t care whether you keep it on our PC or whether you distribute it or not.

Please destroy all copies of the font file you have made immediately.”

~James Arboghast <>

Yes, his response is that of an asshole and then he threatened to sue me for defamation since he’s a “qualified Lawyer”.  Must not be very good if he has time to make fonts.  As a legal note…the legal definition of “defamation” is damaging statements that are NOT true.  Calling Jim and asshole is an ‘opinion’ and making a parity site for others to share similar asshole stories is also “parity and opinion”.  Printing his real email response that shows his asshole response is fact and not defamation.  However, if he does want to sue me, please do so.  I AM a real lawyer and love having idiots waste their time and money.  We are trained to do just that.

You can see his work here: and email him here: James Arboghast

James Arboghast

James Arboghast

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